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About Me

Compassionate Counselor

I'm genuinely a non-judgmental and compassionate person.  I typically use client-centered and cognitive behavioral approaches and believe in creating individualized treatment focusing on client needs and preferences.  Because I've lived and grown through many difficult experiences in my own life, I am now able to look at those experiences as gifts that allow me to better understand the people I treat.  My previous career as a physician for 20+ years brings experience and a valuable perspective in practicing therapy with those who are struggling with many different issues, including troubled relationships, depression, mood disorders, trauma and abuse, anxiety and panic disorders, sexual dysfunction, social media abuse, or just trying to cope with the pressures of everyday life.  Talking to a stranger about intimate problems can be a difficult decision.  Every person seeking a therapist needs to feel that the "fit" is right.  If you're curious about counseling, I encourage you to call and ask questions and YOU can decide if I feel right for your needs.
I enjoy working with a wide diversity of clients; race, gender identity, age, sexual orientation and spiritual background (or lack of), all are welcome.
Habla Español

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