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Ever have one of those days life gives you one karate kick in the teeth after another? Most people have experienced times like this in their lives. When this happens, it's normal to experience low self-confidence and second guess all your decisions. Here are some tips I recommend to others that can be beneficial.

1) Ask yourself, "What caused a great deal of anxiety at first but now is relatively easy?"

Self-confidence often waivers when we try challenges that are new, difficult, or both. Try remembering a list of things that were intimidating or anxiety provoking when you were a beginner but come easily now that you're an old pro. It can be difficult to recall examples when you're in a low mood, so do some brainstorming when you're in a better mood so that you have a list you can go back to.

2) Step back to gain perspective

When your self-confidence has taken a blow, it's easy to go into a tailspin to the point that you start asking yourself if you are a loser in life in general. Try to step back and get some perspective. Are you a decent friend? Are you a good worker? Do you take good care of your pets? What are you accomplishments? Balance your thinking. You may not be perfect but you're probably not terrible either.

3) Ask yourself, "Who am I comparing myself to?"

When something knocks down your confidence about decision making often triggers social comparison. Why aren't I doing things like other people? Remember, we may not all be rockstars, but most of our decisions are good ones and you have plenty of accomplishments. Everyone can achieve outstanding accomplishments eventually, but these tend to be few and far between, even for high achievers, and they are interspersed with mistakes and mediocre results. Commonly, we compare our